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Benefits of Shopping Local

Why shopping local is better for everyone. 

Shopping local is truly the better shopping option for everyone involved. From being a consumer to a producer, there are limitless perks. In case you need more convincing, here’s a few reasons to continue to #GoBuyWhereYouGoBy. 

The money you spend goes back into your community. 

When you buy from a local business, 67 cents for every dollar spent stays within your community. Part of that money goes directly to the artist and their family. On Nasbie, many of our partners within the Greater Philadelphia area chose to support other small businesses whenever they can. This means shopping locally not only when they buy supplies for their product, but when they shop for themselves as well. All of this money keeps circling within your community to create a richer economy in the area you know and love. Our partners pledge to shop local because they know the care and craft that goes into artisan products made next door rather than in a factory. That brings us to our next point… 

Better quality products. 

When you buy from a small business, the person making and handling your products cares a lot more about what they’re sending out. Our partners take pride in their work; everything on Nasbie is hand made and curated by a real person. This real person is much more likely to catch any imperfections so they can make sure their products are high quality. 

Take founder of It’s Seasoned, Whitney Frederic, for example. Whitney started her business because she wanted to see better quality seasonings available. She prides herself on her seasonings being GMO, MSG, artificial flavor, dye and preservative free. She sources all of the ingredients for her blends with care to make sure she’s delivering something she can be proud of. A lot of these seasonings and ingredients are sourced because of their ethical and environmental benefits as well. Let’s talk about the environment and shopping. 

Shopping locally is environmentally friendly.

Buying from local retailers helps cut down on your carbon footprint. Say you need a new candle. When you buy from a partner on Nasbie, that candle is coming from someone within the Greater Philadelphia area. That means your package only has to travel with your state rather than take a jet plane across the world. Fun (not actually so fun) Fact: Jet planes emit a lot of carbon dioxide and other harmful gasses. Amazon actually has their own line of freight jets because of how regularly they ship transcontinentally. On the other hand, Nasbie offers in person pick-up when you purchase on our website to help eliminate travel miles for your products. Interesting juxtaposition there…

The people making your products also care about the environment as much as you do. Let’s think back to the candle scenario. Candles made with paraffins and other dangerous chemical ingredients can cause unwanted pollution in your home. This means it’s important to find candle makers that care about the ingredients they’re using. Take Candle Studio 1422 for example. All of the candles made by Candle Studio 1422 are made with soy wax. This is one of the safest ways to make candles. Not only do our partners care about making products you’ll enjoy, but they want to make products that will be safe for you and the environment. 

Everyone wins when you shop local. 

This is part of why we created Nasbie. We want to help make local shopping in the Greater Philadelphia Area easy. More convenience means shopping local becomes your first choice. From being a consumer to being a producer, there are undeniable benefits of shopping locally. Not only do you receive better quality products, but you make the world a better place when you do. Environmentally you reduce your carbon footprint and you support your neighborhood while doing it. You can be a local superhero… Look at you go! Or should I say, look at you #GoBuyWhereYouGoBy.

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