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Discovering An Etsy Alternative #ByeByeEtsy

Etsy Alternative

Is an Etsy alternative possible? For months we’ve tip-toed around our competitors’ names in hopes to be neutral in the online shopping world. Well, no more Mr. Nice-Nasbie. 

If we’ve learned anything while creating Nasbie, it would be the frustrations our partners have faced dealing with Etsy. From hidden fees to hidden product listings, it seems like Etsy only wants mainstream and mass produced products to succeed. There’s no reason a partner should list their products, look up the exact title and product tags they paired with it themselves and not see their work for pages. An Etsy alternative would truly make local artisans sell local.

From listing fees to shipping fees to advertisement fees, Etsy breaks up their charges into smaller percentages to trick artists into thinking it won’t be that much. $0.20 here, 5% there, 3% eventually and another 15% if you’re actually successful. Eventually you’re losing 25% of revenue. Oh, and if you want to access their premium features while building your site, you’re also going to have to pay a monthly fee. Frustrating is an understatement. Running a small business is already hard enough. Why make things any harder? It seemed to be time for an Etsy alternative.

We decided to learn from those that came before us. Nasbie was born during a pandemic where small businesses were struggling most. The goal has never been to profit or exploit; it’s to help our neighbors by creating unity and strength. 

Take this as our oath to do better. We might just be starting out in the ecommerce industry but we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. Our mission will always be the same; support local businesses. Our success is completely dependent on our partners and it always will be. 

So, Greater Philly area, let’s vow to do better- together. #ByeByeEtsy.

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