Measuring Small Business Success on our Dashboard

Something you might notice on Nasbie’s homepage is our Small Business Success Dashboard. We measure three things; businesses on Nasbie, the jobs they’ve created and the revenue that purchases made on Nasbie have accrued and put back into the community. This Small Business Success Dashboard serves as a reminder of Nasbie’s goals, values and priorities. It’s as simple as local, local, LOCAL. 

So far with 39 businesses on Nasbie, 47 jobs have been created or saved and over $700 recycled into our very own community. All that only three weeks after Nasbie’s launch and we don’t plan on slowing down anytime soon. 

Shopping local is the obvious choice when you really think about it. By measuring the success of the small businesses we host on Nasbie, we measure how impactful your dollar can be. As a consumer, that dollar holds a lot of power. By shopping at small local businesses you can help keep your community flourishing. This sounds like a way better alternative to putting more money into a power hungry billionaires pocket. 

The issue has always been convenience. This is one of the many reasons we created Nasbie. Before Nasbie, there was no legitimate online alternative to shopping in a small town or buying from a talented family friend. It’s hard to find small businesses and artisans with products you love. Our society has made it that way. Amazon smothered the market and Etsy made a thinly veiled attempt at redeeming it. It’s time for a change.

Nasbie is daring to be different. By starting in the greater Philadelphia area, we’re focusing on a hyperlocal market and creating interconnectivity between people that could genuinely benefit from an online platform. We’re making shopping local more convenient than it’s ever been. With a one-stop-shop online marketplace and options for in-person pick-up there’s really no reason to shop anywhere else. #GoBuyWhereYouGoBy just got a whole lot easier.

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WCU Students Staff New E-Commerce Site Nasbie

June 8, 2021

ECommerce Site from WCU Students and Faculty

Small businesses suffered during the pandemic but a new local online platform — staffed by recent WCU grads and students — is now available to help small artisan businesses in the greater Philadelphia region market their products virtually.

Nasbie launched in late May. It’s the brainchild of Komeil Nasrollahi, business engagement manager for the Chester County Economic Development Council, who teaches in WCU’s College of Business and Public Management.

“During my time as a WCU faculty member, I’ve met a handful of students who truly exceeded my expectations of young adults,” he notes. He recruited them to help launch Nasbie…

If you’re interested in reading on, you can access the full article here!

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