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Do I get my Christmas gifts on time?

You’ve probably heard something about what’s been going on with the supply chain industry and how, with the impending holiday season, companies are worried their products might not arrive on time from overseas manufacturers. If you haven’t, we’re here to explain a little bit about what’s happening, and how we can combat these issues together. 

In October 2021, ABC News reported, “supply chain disruptions,” in America, which come as a direct result of the economic struggles the U.S. has faced since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, have led to price increases and looming supply shortages. Since March 2020, production levels have dropped significantly, and in this era of recovery, global corporations continue to struggle returning to pre-pandemic levels due to a decrease in available staff, and now, large corporations like Target, Walmart, even Amazon are scrounging for anyone to work in their warehouses. 

So now the question becomes, how can we ensure we have what we need for this holiday season? Although there is no singular definition of “local,” Nasbie offers a consumer market central to the greater Philadelphia area; most everything bought and sold through Nasbie is made in Pennsylvania. Because Nasbie promotes local small business, problems with supply chain are of no concern for consumers looking to purchase those unique holiday gifts. Nasbie also offers fast delivery options as well as easy pick-up arrangements to adhere to your convenience. Besides supporting local economies and combating the climate crisis, shopping locally can ensure a fruitful holiday season.

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