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Farmers Markets Don’t Last Forever

Farmer's Market

We know the simple joy that is a farmers market better than anyone. We found a lot of our amazing partners through attending farmers markets! Sometimes we wonder how many great creators we might have found sooner if it hadn’t rained… 

As awesome as they are, farmers markets are quite literally fair weather friends. We’re in the peak of farmers market season right now and every event is filled with excited artisans. What about when the weather turns? First it will get rainy, then it will get just a little chilly and then BAM! Our Greater Philadelphia area weather will completely turn it’s back on our favorite farmers markets and crafters. So, where does that leave us?

Local farmers markets are beneficial for everyone involved. The creator, the consumer and the community. When an artisan sells at a farmers market, instead of receiving only a portion of the revenue like they might through another marketplace (or certain online shops that start with the letter E and ends with a -tsy) they get 100% of the value of their product put back into their pocket. The National Agriculture Statistics Survey of 2019 reported around $711 million direct revenue from farmers markets. This is a lot of money circulating back into your community. 

Nasbie can be the solution. When your favorite local market is closed for the winter, have no fear, Nasbie is here! Our online local marketplace is the perfect host for artisan creators. Instead of having to wait for the weather to spring back to life to buy your go-to essential oils and caramels from your favorite crafters, you can just log onto Nasbie. You don’t have to miss your favorite products just because it got cold. 

This is a plus for our partners, too. As a small business, every sale is important. Farmers markets open the door to hundreds of new customers on a regular basis. Nasbie can be another way to get products out to the people in our community that will appreciate them the most. 

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it a thousand times, our mission is to support our area; the creator, the consumer and the community. Small business success is our number one priority. We love farmers markets as much as the next guy (you’ve probably seen one of our team members attending at least a few this year) but the Greater Philadelphia area weather just isn’t on our side 6 months out of the year. So, keep shopping local farmers markets until the bitter end, but don’t forget to tell your favorite vendors to check out Nasbie before Mr. Snow Miser comes around.

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