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Start Selling on Nasbie by Following These Simple Steps

Follow These Steps to Set Up Your Nasbie Store!

Being a partner on Nasbie means joining a rich, tight-knit community of local businesses and we’d love to have you! To get started, click the orange link in the top-right hand corner of the screen.

There is no fee to become a partner, and once you partner with Nasbie, our platform will become available to you to create your online store and start selling!

So, you’re signed up – what’s next?

Fundamentally, our team at Nasbie is here for one reason – to help you sell locally. In order to do that, you’ll have full control in setting up your custom webpage on the Nasbie platform.

Our goal is to support local businesses on Nasbie, so we’ve made it as easy as can be. With a simple log-in, you can start showing your products to thousands of potential customers in the Greater Philadelphia Area. With our easy to follow video tutorial, we’ll walk you through every step of setting up your webpage, we know small biz owners don’t need any more stress in their lives.

Got your webpage? Awesome. Let’s take the next step.

Our in-house marketing team is always here to  help you along your journey. Whether it’s your first time with an e-commerce site or you’re a seasoned veteran, we want your business to look it’s best online. Our team can walk you through the process of setting up your products, and we’ll give our best advice on how to sell online.

Nasbie works great as a stand-alone platform or as an add on to your poppin’ social media. Upload your best photos of your team and your products to the Nasbie platform, tell your story, and share, share, share.

You’re almost done! Just a few more steps to local success!

Once your web page is created and your photos are uploaded, you’re ready to start selling on Nasbie. Post pictures of your products, and our community of local shoppers will see that you’re on the list of local businesses.

When an order is placed, you’ll get the order notification directly from our team at Nasbie.  Once a shopper is done placing their order for your product, you’ll have the choice to either ship the order from your shop directly to the buyer or set up a pick-up arrangement.

That’s the beauty of buying local! Our fees are only applied after you make a sale. We don’t profit off of shipping costs either, we’re not like the other guys.

This consumer direct  approach keeps costs low while maximizing profits for you and your store. The Nasbie team only knows two things: buying and selling local! That means no competition from big corporate stores like the Amazons, Targets, and Walmarts of the world.

As a Nasbie Partner, our team will highlight your business the way it deserves to be. Whether on social media, blog posts or on the website itself, we want to ensure that local businesses are the center of our message.

The only thing left to do is to continue to update, refresh and sell your products! As you continue your journey, feel free to invite your fellow local business owners to join the Nasbie community. After all, the more partners we have, the more selection for buyers and the more potential local customers for you!

Follow These Video Tutorials

These video tutorials will help guide you through the process.

Creating a Store on Nasbie

Creating Products on Nasbie

Specific Questions & References

Bulk Product Uploads, Taxes, Shipping, and Pickup Options - Explained!

Bulk product Uploads

While our partners are able to upload products/info via CSV file (the WooCommerce CSV File Template), Product Images must be uploaded into the Media section, and then the link can be individually uploaded to each product.

While we agree that it’s a bummer that we can’t upload product photos via CSV, we are glad that all of the info can be uploaded in that way as a time-saver – then, it’s just one final step of attaching the images.

When uploading products in bulk, please make sure you follow the official CSV format:


Reach out to our team with any questions.

Taxes, Shipping, and Local Pickup for Products

When creating products, don’t forget to add Shipping and Tax properties. It can be found directly on the Product page! For our calculated shipping, it is important to fill in all fields for products as seen below:

Do all of your products have all necessary information? If so, then you’ll navigate to your Shipping tab. This can be accessed by clicking on the Settings tab in your Vendor Dashboard, then clicking on Shipping on the left-hand side of the screen.

Click on ‘Click Here to Add Shipping Policies’ in the title to adjust the overall Shipping Policies. To add additional shipping options such as Flat Rate, Local Pickup, and Free Shipping, click on the Zone Name ‘Vendor Shipping Methods’. Then, you can either adjust that one shipping method, or add new ones by clicking the blue ‘Add Shipping Method’ Button.

After adding desired shipping methods, they can be individually adjusted by clicking on each one! Just finish by clicking ‘Save Changes’, and you’re all set.

Additional Questions?

Email info@nasbie.com with any concerns.