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Introducing: Nasbie Neighbors!

Virtual drum roll please… We have some exciting news to share with you! Introducing Nasbie Neighbors, our new community outreach program. 

Since day one, Nasbie’s goal has been to support our local community through helping small businesses. We’ve been lucky enough to meet so many great people along the way, business owners and customers alike, so we’ve decided to expand our community goals. 

What is a Nasbie Neighbor?

Nasbie Neighbors is an opportunity for other organizations within the community to join in on the action. When an organization signs up as a Nasbie Neighbor, they receive a personalized code to share with the members of their group. When this code is applied at checkout, Nasbie sends 5% of the sale right back to the organization. It’s a win for the small businesses and a win for the members of the community! While our goal of supporting small businesses hasn’t changed, we’ve learned a lot in the past few months. A small business can only be as successful as their customers! Why not create a program that can support both? 

Who can sign up?

A Nasbie Neighbor can be anyone in the community- whether you’re an organization or an activist- who truly cares about our area. If you think you might be a good Neighbor, check out the application page here

Why create the Neighbors Program now? 

Small businesses donate 250% more than their larger counterparts. From non-profits to community causes, local business owners are way more likely to get involved. As much as we love that sentiment, it’s a grim fact. It goes to show that those with the most to give just don’t give at all. The Nasbie Neighbors program is another way we’re trying to be better than the ecommerce site’s that have come before us. Nasbie is here to serve the community; we can’t do that if the community is struggling! 
By creating the Nasbie Neighbors program, we’re showing some social responsibility. We have to support our community in every way possible while we can. We all know a billionaire won’t come down in a spaceship to do it…

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