Seller FAQs

Q: What does it cost to join Nasbie?

A:  Absolutely nothing! Our success is completely dependent on yours. 

Q: So where do the fees come in?

A: We just ask for 7.5% on transactions. We don’t place any fees on shipping orders either. We’re here to support small businesses, not tell them how to do things. 

Q: Do I need experience operating an e-commerce platform to be on Nasbie?

A: No! Our in-house marketing and tech teams will help you every step of the way.

Q: Where does Nasbie operate?

A: Right now Nasbie’s home base is in the Greater Philadelphia area (South East PA, South NJ and North DE). We plan to grow and expand our area of operation to reach more small-biz owners. 

Q: How can Nasbie benefit my business?

A: Nasbie’s core mission is to support our partners; we don’t succeed unless you do. Our marketing team will help promote your products through our social media posts, website features and blog posts.  

Q: I own a service-based business. Can I still be on Nasbie?

A: Service-based businesses will be offered on Nasbie in the near future. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us at