Nasbie Team - Nasbie

Dedicated to Local Business Growth and artisan empowerment

Our Team Makes Your Success Our Community Local Artisans Giving Back Buying Local Talented Creators Our Partners a Priority

The Nasbie team are all members of the greater Philadelphia community committed to providing an environment for local businesses to thrive. Learn more about the team below.


Komeil Nasrollahi

CEO and Founder

As the Founder and CEO of Nasbie, Komeil handles all things Partnership, Vendor Relations, and oversees all activities with the Nasbie team.


Dani King

Social Media Manager

Dani is the in-house social media guru for Nasbie. When you see those great posts, community engagement, and more, you know who to thank!


Brady Swindler

Platform Operation Manager

As the platform operation manager of Nasbie, Brady strives to provide a smooth user experience to the local business community.


Giana Reno

Content Creation Manager

Giana works alongside our Social Media creators to develop top-tier photo, video, and graphic content for all Nasbie outreach channels.


Kylie Hayward

Social Media Coordinator

As social media coordinator, Kylie works within the social media team to bring meaningful content to our followers online.

Joey Wikol

Joey Wikol

Local Outreach Coordinator

Joey works with members of the local community to encourage partners to join the Nasbie platform, allowing for a more complete experience!