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The first ever Nasbie Partner

Once upon a time there was a potter who believed in a crazy ecommerce site dream… and her name was Susan! 

Susan O’Hanlon was Nasbie’s first ever official partner. Susan became part of Nasbie before our Instagram even had 100 followers! She’s believed in the beauty of shopping local since the beginning. So, here’s a little Susan-Spotlight for ya. 

On her Nasbie page you’ll find her signature product, the Bandit Bowl. Named after her family dog, the Bandit Bowl is a slow feeder ceramic bowl that comes in all different sizes. The bowl helps your pup slow down when it’s food time, making sure they don’t eat themselves silly during every dinner time. Part of Susan’s inspiration for the Bandit Bowl was alleviating her own dog’s obsession with food while also realizing how limited the options were on the market. Susan even said, if she wouldn’t want to eat out of plastic, why let her pup? As a potter she saw an opportunity to create a sustainable and safe way to fix a problem in her home and many other people’s. This is a perfect example of how shopping local and small businesses can provide you with better quality items that were created with care. 

While the Bandit Bowl is one of her most popular items, it’s not the only thing Susan specializes in. More recently Susan listed pottery classes on her Nasbie page. You can book these lessons to learn more about the art of pottery in her at-home studio. Susan has told us since we met her that she loves teaching and couldn’t wait to get back to it post-zoom life. P.S. She’s offering 10% off if you purchase two or more lessons! Sounds like a perfect group activity to me!

Since day one we’ve been the luckiest ecommerce site in the world at finding amazing small businesses owners and artists to become a part of our community. Each and every partner- just like Susan- have believed in our mission to make shopping local easy since the beginning. When you shop on Nasbie you’re shopping in a community of creators and people that truly care about the products they sell. Every nook and cranny of every painting and candle gets looked over and handled personally. There’s no better way to shop other than local! Check out any of our partners and you’ll understand that #GoBuyWhereYouGoBy mentality.

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