Why Nasbie?

Who we are:

Nasbie is a local online shopping platform built with small businesses in mind. We are the one-stop-shop for local artisan goods in your area; whether that be home decor, art, jewelry, seasonings or tea blends, anything goes on Nasbie. Our team is based in Chester County- we eat, sleep, and breathe local. The Greater Philadelphia area online shopping scene is about to get an upgrade. 

What we do: 

Think of us as an online local market! With full control over your business page, no hidden fees, and 24/7 access to sell your products, Nasbie puts you first. No superstores, no big businesses; we are ONLY for the small businesses that add value and great products to our communities. No Target, no Walmart, no competition with big brands. Created local, for local, period.

So time for the quick, nitty gritty details. Partnering with Nasbie means selling your products online through our fully customized, easy-to-use website. We do the work for you; with an in-house marketing team, photo & video shoots that showcase your business, and a personalized page just for you, Nasbie has it all. You make the products, we bring the customers. We’re only successful if you are; fees are only applied after a sale. (We will take care of promoting you and your products and bringing customers to you! We are successful if you are, so you just pay us when customers buy your products on Nasbie.

Who we are for:  

Nasbie was created for the local, small businesses in our communities; whether a store front, home based, or a weekend market booth, if you have valuable products to sell but can’t seem to connect with customers in your town then Nasbie is for you. 

Why Nasbie: 

Now you might be thinking, “Why Nasbie?” and that’s a fair question so let us answer it for you. Nasbie is here to make an impact; not for big chains, not for corporate giants, not even for ourselves. We are here to create success for the small businesses that make up 99% of our workforce, that add value to our communities, that support the growth of local towns. No fees, no worldwide competition, no profit hungry mission. 

When you think of Nasbie, you’ll think easy, convenient, transparent. And isn’t that the type of company we’ve all been looking for? One that puts its partners first by building customer relationships, creating connections within the community, and promoting local value. We’re successful when our partners are successful; so you make the products and we’ll do the rest.  Owning a small business and being an entrepreneur is all about having a dream, learning as you go, taking risks; so why not take the chance on us? We may not have fully convinced you yet but in our opinion, partnering with Nasbie might just be the best business decision you’ve ever made.